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Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike MS-801 Pro with Magnetic 14 level Resistance and 8KG flywheel

Measures 14 resistance levels
Smooth magnetic resistance system
17.6 lbs. cast iron flywheel with a chrome rim
Double direction enabled pedaling
Push-down emergency brake


Fitness Equipment:

Spinning Bike

Model No.:

MS-801 Pro

Max User Weight:

120 KGS

Assembly Size:





8 KG

Resistance Level:

14 level. Manual

Brake System:

Adjusted Magnetic Tension

Drive System:

Belt Driving


Two Ways


Aluminium Pedals with toe cage




Up/Down. Fore/ Aft



Computer Function:

Scan, Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, ODO, Pulse.


iPad Holder.

Quiet belt drive mechanism.

Adjustable pedal cage for improved foot positioning

Easy to Move&Transportation


Packaging & Shipping

Packing Size:

102.50 x23x83CM

QTY Inner:

1set/ carton


28/ 32KGS


150/ 312/ 352PCS


Five layer and double corrugated standard mail-order carton

Loading Port:

Ningbo Port

Delivery Time:

40 days depends on QTY.



Want to take a bike ride through Central Park but live in California? Jump on this Indoor Cycling Exercise and take a day ride. With easy dial tension adjust for a more progressive and challenging workout. The Smart knob Technology measures resistance level, and RPM to give corresponding watts, calories, and distance, and speed for your workout effort.

Introducing the newest addition to this Indoor Cycle. With a sleek & compact design along with a digital display, the MS-801 Pro is the perfect introduction to spin workouts.


Designed with affordability in mind the Indoor Cycle MS-801 Pro may not feature all of the same design elements of the MS-801 Pro, but delivers all the key features nessesary for a great workout and to achieve your goals!


With full adjustability of the road bike inspired saddle you are able to fine tune positioning to maximize comfort and reduce stress on the body during your workout.

The magnetic resistance along with the poly-v drive belt system provides a quiet and smooth ride no matter how much tension is applied, in addition to being extremely low maintenance and reliable for years to come.


Measure your workout and results through the built in digital display providing multiple feedback metrics during your workout. Start your spin bike journey today with the Indoor Cycle MS-801 Pro!


This Exercise bike is made of heavy-duty steel frame, double triangle structure more stable. The ground level adjuster can be rotated to keep the bicycle always balanced. 6KG flywheel belt drive system is more stable than the chain drive system.


The handlebar and seat height can be adjusted, the knob can be turned to adjust the resistance, and the emergency stop can be pressed, which is safer.


Equipped with a mobile phone stand, you can watch videos and listen to music during riding, more interesting. The roller is easy to move and allows you to enjoy fitness anytime and anywhere.



The Frame and Construction

The Exercise Bike MS-801 Pro s predominantly built of anti-corrosion coated steel and has fewer ABS parts.

Its sturdy construction supports a maximum user weight of 120 kg, and due to its robust base framework with adjustable levelers, users will experience optimum stability. In other words, the bike can be balanced on most workout platforms. 

The bike’s assembled dimensions are 43.5’’ long by 18.5’’ wide by 47’’ high. This is to say it needs a workout area with measurements of 3’6’’ length by 1’5’’ width, plus additional clearance of 2’ around it for safety reasons. 

Even though it weighs about 32 kg, it can easily be moved from one room to another via the front-mounted transport wheels. 


The seat

The Exercise Bike MS-615A incorporates a large and cushioned seat with a groove in the middle of it for long-lasting comfort during workouts.

That said, if you wish to make it more comfortable, you can use a gel seat cover or have it replaced with another seat of your choice.

Since the seat is 4-way adjustable (could be adjusted vertically and horizontally), users between the heights of 5’-6’1’’ can be accommodated comfortably. 


The Handlebar

The multi-grip designed handlebar has an anti-slip foam covering. It provides different grips for a variety of workout postures. 

Your grips will always remain firm and comfortable; hence, no slippage or blisters will be experienced no matter how frequent or longer you exercise.

The handlebar is 2-way adjustable; it could only be adjusted vertically (upward & downward); however, it enhances the bike’s overall customizability.


The Pedals

The Exercise Bike MS-655A is equipped with toe caged pedals that are made of aluminum alloy.

They accommodate most foot sizes and provide a secure foot placement that promotes consistent fluid motion. 

They are designed to be ridden with standard gym shoes only. However, they can be swapped for SPD pedals if you wish to use special clip-in shoes for workouts.

Since the pedals are attached to a 3-piece crankset and durable crank-arms, users can perform out-of-seat pedaling to simulate an uphill riding experience.


The Drive

The Exercise Bike MS-801 Pro operates smoothly and quietly due to its belt drive system that mainly comprises a durable poly V-belt, pulleys, a 3-piece crankset, crank-arms, and a 17.6 lbs./8 kg perimeter weighted flywheel. 

This allows you to exercise at any time of the day without disturbing anyone around you, and this includes your family and neighbors. You can conveniently and uninterruptedly watch workout training or movies through your smartphone device as well. 

The integrated light-weighted flywheel enables you to engage in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that burns tons of calories in a short time frame.

Moreover, no maintenance is required as opposed to a bike with a chain drive system. Therefore, no periodic lubrication or adjustment is required of you.

The belt drive system does not allow users to coast on the bike, and as a result, you can pedal in reverse if you wish to diversify your workouts and tone more muscle groups.

This also means you will have to apply the emergency brake by pushing the knob at the top of the main-frame tubing down whenever you want to stop pedaling for a quick exit.


The Resistance System

The Exercise Bike MS-801 Pro is equipped with a magnetic resistance system that has 14 adjustable levels.

This and the belt drive system maintain the bike’s smooth and quiet operation regardless if the resistance is engaged or not. 

No maintenance is needed since resistance is generated by the emission of magnetic fields. This prevents friction and the deterioration of the resistance system’s elements.

Unlike most entry-level indoor cycling bikes, the resistance levels of this bike are predefined. You can specifically adjust between 1-14 levels for a challenging workout, allowing you to understand your endurance and strength level progress. 

To increase or decrease the resistance, simply turn the tension knob on the right side of the main-frame tubing clockwise or counterclockwise, respectively.

The smart knob technology measures resistance level and RPM to give the corresponding and accurate Watts, Calories, Distance, and Speed for your workout effort.

Users should be able to experience different workout challenges that include hill-climbing, slope, and flat terrain rides in the comfort of their homes.


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